GKDI Sorong

Sorong is the entrance to the island of Papua, which is often said “the bird head city” because the island of Papua shaped like a bird. Sorong is famous for its oil deposit and its natural beauty in Raja Ampat, making Sorong a fast growing city. 70% of its population are immigrant from various places in Indonesia. Sorong is the second most populated city in Papua after Jayapura, and it’s the 3rd mission of evangelization in Papua after Jayapura and Manokwari. The mission was sent on July 17th 2012. 7 Disciple from GKDI Jayapura left their comfortable life and took part in the development of God’s kingdom in the city of Sorong.

Sunday Service

Time: 09:00 AM

Location: Mariat Hotel 3rd floor. Jl. A. Yani – Klademak, Sorong City

Contact: Edison Purba (0811-4858-909)

Church Leaders

Edison & RIna