GKDI Siantar

Pematangsiantar City (often abbreviated as Siantar) is one of the cities in North Sumatra Province, and the second largest city in the province after Medan. Because of the strategic location of Pematangsiantar, it is crossed by the Sumatra Highway route. The city has an area of 79.97 sq km and has a population of 247,411 inhabitants (2015. Pematangsiantar City which is only 128 km from Medan and 50 km from Parapat often become a city of crossing for tourists who want to go Lake Toba. This reason encourages GKDI Medan to start the congregation in this city since last November 2011.

Sunday Service

Time: 10.00 WIB

Location: Gedung CU Cinta Mulia. Jl. Melanthon Siregar. Kelurahan Toba – Siantar

Contact: Robin Silalahi (0811-6200-064)

Church Leaders

Robin & Eli

Church Leader

Sudirman & Menty

Singles Ministry