GKDI Pekanbaru

GKDI Pekanbaru started from the dream of GKDI Medan to start a mission team. 7 disciples of Jesus were elected from Medan together with Budiman and Nini Dewi Sekarwati from Jakarta. August 29, 2009 is a historic day for GKDI Pekanbaru. Relying on faith, hope and love, evangelism in this city begins. With all the limitations that exist, the congregation works hard for mission and ministry, all with a heart for God. Now there are currently 47 disciples of Jesus in GKDI Pekanbaru.

Sunday Service

Time: 09.30 WIB

Location: Hotel Sabrina Sisingamangaraja (Eks Hotel Delta), Jl. Sisingamangaraja No.23, Kota Tinggi, Pekanbaru Kota, Pekanbaru, Riau

Contact: Budiman (0813-7137-3391) & Nini Dewi Sekarwati (0813-7137-3390)

Church Leaders

Budiman & Nini