GKDI Palembang

Mission Team to Palembang was sent on early December 2010, and there were 9 Disciples of Christ from the Jakarta Church (7 singles and 1 married couple) – all with different backgrounds but with the same vision/mission and that is to bring as many people as possible to become disciples of Christ. At first they came across many difficult challenges, as there’s not a single member of the Mission Team was ever on the city of Palembang. Their first church service was held on 12-12-2010, and was attended by more than 60 people.

By the grace of God, all the mission team members got their jobs within the first 3 months, and have built relationships with many of the locals. After a year in the city, they baptized 5 new disciples. Everyone in the team strive to bring more souls to God.

Sunday Service

Time: 09.30 WIB

Location: Hotel wisata. Jl. Letkol Iskandar no. 105-107, Palembang

Contact:Rian Hindra (0819-3212-4198) & Anggrainy (0838-9958-6422)

Church Leaders

Rian Hindra & Anggrainy