GKDI Jambi

The first GKDI Jambi church service was held on Sunday, September 26th 2010, or exactly one day after Mission Team Jambi was officially sent off from Jakarta on Saturday, September 25th 2010. That church service was attended by 25 people and was conducted at a rented house. The first service started off with morning prayers and to read the Bible together consistently. After that, followed by other services like sharing, bible discussions, counseling, free school lessons (Saturday School), and many others. GKDI Jambi have also done a few major events, attended by around 60 to 100 people or more. Those events are Christmas Celebration, Spiritual Movie Show, Family & Marriage Seminar, and more.

Today, GKDI Jambi had grown from 7 disciples to 17 disciples, with an average attendance in Sunday Service every week of 30 people. Furthermore, GKDI Jambi’s church leader had been given the opportunity to teach at the Jambi University as Christian Education Lecturer, and once been given the chance to preach to more than 250 campus students on a campus fellowship event.

Sunday Service

Time: 10.00 WIB

Location: Jl. DI Panjaitan RT. 30 Lor. Konblok No. 4 Kebun Handil, Jelutung, Jambi

Contact: Naek (087793508478) & Lenda (087793508479)

Church Leaders

Naek & Lenda