GKDI Cikarang

Cikarang is the second largest industrial city in Indonesia after Karawang. In the administrative region, Cikarang is the capital of Bekasi Regency, while Karawang is the capital of Karawang regency. Cikarang city is about 40 km from Jakarta, while Kota Karawang is about 57 km from Jakarta.
On April 10, 2016, GKDI Bekasi sent a mission led by Brother Anggoro and Sister Inneke along with 19 other students. On that day, the Cikarang Mission team officially began with 21 disciples of Jesus who had lived and settled in Cikarang and Karawang. This congregation has actually existed since the early 1990s. However, they have been joining the Bekasi Congregation.
Currently, the number of Disciples in Cikarang and Karawang City is 41. They serve in Married Ministry, Single Ministry and Campus Ministry. There are also special Ministry such as Song Ministry, Multimedia and Digital Team, Usher, and Caring Team.

Sunday Service

Time: 09.00 WIB

Location: The Berean – Ruko Cosmo Estate, B-1, Jl. Gunung Tangkuban Perahu, Elysium Residence, Lippo Cikarang

Contact: Sri Anggoro Seto (0818-250-040) & Inneke Cathrine Assa (0818-0260-0040)

Church Leaders

Anggoro & Inneke