GKDI Bangka

On August 2009, the Kingdom of God was about to begin in Pangkal Pinang- Bangka. It was God’s calling for the disciples in Jakarta and other cities to save all nations and families and people in their hometowns. So a mission team was sent to Bangka Island. The congregation called everyone who has heart for this mission. Some brothers and sisters signed up for Bangka evangelism.

Some of them were married couples, others from singles, or just graduated from colleges. The first sermon attended by 5 disciples and 22 friends. Day by day God added people into His Kingdom. Despite all the different cultures and customs, God strengthened and gave wisdom to His disciples to bring the lost souls to Him.

They keep fighting to give the best to the church. One of their utmost attentions is the Kid’s Kingdom Ministry. The well-equipped teachers, the well-prepared materials and of course, the love, attract children to come and come again to join the classes. The children’s characters are changing and become witnesses to their parents, even the non-Christian parents. The church put their best effort to win many souls in every way. One of them is through Women Ministry where they hold classes once a month that suit their needs, for grown-up, married and single women.

Sunday Service

Time: 08.00 WIB

Lokasi: Queen Garden Jl. KH. Abdurrahman Siddiq No.18, Gedung Nasional, Taman Sari, Kota Pangkalpinang

Kontak: Kenglie (0813-6843-2021) & Jenny (0813-6843-2031)


Church Leaders

Kenglie & Jenny