GKDI Ambon

Ambon city or Ambonia is the capital city of Maluku province. Ambon is the center of port, tourism and also the education city for the Maluku islands. Viewed from the demographic and ethnic aspect, Ambon is a portrait of a plural city with almost all the tribes in Indonesia present in the city of Ambon. Ambon city residents are approximately 450,000 inhabitants. The major religion in Ambon are Christian and Islam. The mission to the city of Ambon began in October 2010, the first mission team consist of 10 disciples.

Sunday Service

Time: 10:00 WIT

Location: Manise Hotel, 2nd floor, Jl WR Supratman No. 1, Ambon, Maluku

Contact: Albertus Sunarto (0821-9977-6788)

Church Leaders

Narto & Purwanti