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Growing during the Pandemic

We are grateful for all the ways God has allowed us to experience him this year in 2020. We started as a small group of 15 disciples in 2017 and God has enabled us to grow our family to 40 disciples. Besides G.E.M representing the ‘GKDI English Ministry’, we also stand for God, Each other and Mission.

This year alone, we’ve seen growth in our marrieds and young parents ministry; we now have talks and events to facilitate opportunities for couples to grow in their new married life and as they enter parenthood. Many married couples have expressed their gratitude for—not just learning research on conflict resolution or sharing in interesting discussions but—feeling called to grow and kept accountable in ways that God wants them to love one another. 

Additions to Our Family

Sam & Amanda

In our GEM-Family ministry, one particular couple stands out this year: Sam and Amanda. They joined the community in February as newlyweds. Throughout the Covid lockdown, Sam and Amanda maintained relationships, read their bible like never before (from the extra time at home!) and learned to trust God in new ways individually and as a couple— learning and growing together. On the 31st of October, we welcomed them to the Kingdom of God! 

Jhame, Sarah, & Stephanie

As for our young professionals, on the 1st of November, we were grateful to witness the baptism of Jhame. Jhame came to our community over a year ago and had made deep relationships with many of the brothers and sisters. He is dynamic, giving and sincere in his love for God.

Lastly, in April, we were equally blessed to have two young women, Sarah and Stephanie make Jesus Lord of their lives. Both sisters had battled through struggles in their walks with God during the bible study; to see them transform in the way they viewed Jesus was such an encouragement. 

We can only thank God the lives of these transformed young men & women. 


God has also blessed GEM with leaders that have been moved by God’s calling to serve in more sacrificial ways this year. In September, Hope Worldwide Indonesia partnered with our GEM ‘Serving Committee’ to help a mother that Hope was previously engaging with—Ibu Lia. Coming from a severely disadvantaged background, Ibu Lia was able to receive simple ‘business mentorship’ from the serving committee to help her start a small food stall in her neighborhoods. The serving committee also raised money for Lia’s two children who needed smartphones for e-learning at home. 

We have also been encouraged to see how we serve those God has placed in our lives. This year, there have been more visitors for our GEM-Talks (PDA) than ever before. Our leaders for these talks were focused on creating platforms for discussions that were both relatable and engaging. Our most popular ones were our ‘Grey Area’ series which included ‘God & Partying’, ‘Swearing & Dirty Jokes’, ‘Business Ethics’ and ‘Why should we Date?’. These topics have met the needs of men and women studying the bible—all whom want to grow in their faith. 

Our prayer is that GEM will continue to grow in their love for God and selflessness as they grasp the depth of love Christ has for every single person (Ephesians 3:16-19).

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