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Be With Me Lord (cover) | GKDI Worship | Lagu Rohani Kristen

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Be With Me Lord (Cover)

Verse 1
Sometimes I feel
That I could fight an army
With just me and you,
And there’s no one could harm me.
O, but sometimes I
Can feel a little shy.
It’s then I need to know
That you are there, that’s why I’m singing

Be with me Lord (when I’m down)
Be with me Lord (when I’m lonely)
Be with me Lord (when I’m tired)
Be with me Lord (I need you only)
Be with me Lord (when I’m down)
Be with me Lord (when I’m lonely)
Be with me Lord (when I need you, Lord)
Be my only God.

Verse 2
I know you said
That I would not be tested
More than I could bear
And that you’d have my best in mind.
With everything
That ever comes my way,
I know you’re in control
So hear me as I pray. I’m singing…

Verse 3
Now help me, Lord
To share what I’ve been given.
Help me make a difference
With this life I’m living.
As I show my neighbor
Where true treasure’s stored,
Help me know you promised
You’d be with me Lord. I’m singing…

Vocal : GKDI Worship Team (GKDI Jakarta)
Music & Audio Production : Kevin Awuy & Sound Team GKDI Jakarta
Video : Jodi Pradipta , Creative Team, & Multimedia Team Jakarta

Lirik & Lagu Original : J. Brian Craig

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